Seeds in an Emergency Survival Kit

I have read and heard a ton about survival seeds and making sure that you have seeds for growing food in your emergency survival kit. This is important I think because freeze dried food in your emergency survival kit only goes so far. I held off for a while because my initial research told me […]

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Survival Kit Backpack

Previously, I’d only purchased a food kit from I liked what I received and decided to give the entire kit a try.  There are a ton of low cost emergency survival kits available on the market and this is not one of them.  These units are somewhat pricey but definitely pack a whallop.  They […]

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Storing Survival Kit Food

I don’t completely trust the packaging and want to make sure that while building my survival kit, my investment lasts, so I decided to put each of the food packages in a plastic tub. These 18 gallon plastic tubs are wonderful. They are small enough to be portable in case I need to get and […]

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