I Miss Texas Waterfowl Hunting

Wow – I really miss Texas waterfowl hunting – especially duck hunting. The ducks were late getting off this year – I continued seeing them on local ponds until late April. We had a magnificent year with a huge duck hatch in the prairie pothole region and then a scarcity of water in Texas to […]

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Texas Dove Hunting

The anxiously awaited opening day for Texas Dove Hunting Season has arrived.  It’s almost a right of passage here in Texas.  In fact, since they make Cinco de Mayo a school holiday, they should make Opening Day of Texas Dove Hunting Season a holiday as well – how else are we going to get our […]

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Week 2 in the Surrogator

Seven wild quail chicks died during the second week so the count in the Surrogator is now down to 103. The two week old wild quail appear to be very healthy and growing quickly. There also appears to be plenty of room for them in the surrogator. My bird dog appears to be particularly interested […]

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