Survival Kit List & Inventory

Survival Kit – Starter List

This is my list of survival kit items items that I’m using to build my survival kit.  It contains emergency essentials and a host of other items that I think will be needed or very useful.  This list of survival kit items is not comprehensive and is a work in progress.  Where I’ve purchased, collected or accumulated an item, I’ve tried to bold the item and highlight the link back to the post.

This survival kit list contains priorities and categories.

This is to help me stay organized, prioritized and balanced as I build the survival kit.  My goal is to accumulate these items for emergency preparedness over time BUT always be ready with what I have to meet my needs if the situation arises.


Survival Kit Food Survival Kit Arms Survival Kit Health Survival Kit Shelter Survival Kit Clothing
First Priority
Matches Pistol Toilet Paper Duct Tape Pants
Seed Packages Pistol Ammo Maxi Pads Plastic Trash Bags Jacket
Salt Pistol Holster First Aid Kit Ziploc Bags Socks
Water Filter Fishing Rd Tooth Brushes Shovel Cap
Coffee Fishing Gear Baking Soda Garden Hose Gloves
Tea BB Gun & BBs Dental Floss Saw Underwear
7 Days of Meals Entrenching Tool Bleach Hammer T Shirts
Spices Leatherman Toothpaste Screwdriver Shorts
Hand Water Pump Swiss Army Knife Soap Nails Boots
 Can Opener Canteen Clothes Soap Screws Shoes
Area Map Shampoo Rope Poncho/Rain Gear
Flashlight Towels Wire Cutters Sewing Kit
Batteries Buckets Pliers Reading Glasses
Weather Radio Plastic Tubs Wire Sun Glasses
Pencil & Paper Tweezers Plastic Sheeting Boot/Shoe Laces
Slingshot & Ammo Band Aids Canvas Tarp Magnifying Glass
Weapon Cleaning Kit & Oil Antiseptic Ointment Butcher/Kitchen Knives Bandanas
K-Bar Knife Antiseptic Swabs Tape Measure  Playing Cards
Hatchet Ibuprofen WD-40
Crowbar Aspirin Pots & Pans
 550 Para cord Acetohinophen Sleeping Bags
 Snare Wire Iodine Pillows
Antacids Blankets
Immodium Plates
Sun Block Bolt Cutters
Sun Burn Ointment Knife/Fork/Spoon
Chapstick Mugs
Rubbing Alcohol Kettle
Multivitamins Sieve
Washing Brush Soup Spoons
QTips Axe
Nail Clippers Machete
Syringes & Needles Tool Bucket Boss
Superglue String
Tylenol Buckets
Athletic Tape Crow Bar
Saline Solution  All Weather Blankets
Razors  Plant Shears
Lighters Sleeping Bags
 Dust Mask  Emergency Candles
Signal Mirror
Fire Starter Tinder
Zip Ties
Dogbone Wrench
Second Priority
14 Days of Meals .223 Rifle Flex Wraps Small Spade
Candy/Sweets Rifle Scope Suture Set Small Rake
.223 Rounds Surgical Scissors Nylon Netting
Compass Xylocaine  Solar Charger
Combat Knife
CB Radio & Power Source
 Jumper Cables
Third Priority
21 Days of Meals Silencer Lice Treatment Wheelbarrow Long Johns
6 Month of Staple Foods Whistles Scalpel Wood Glue Wide Brim Hat
Planting Book Binoculars Talcum Leather Scraps
Vegetable Seeds Shotgun Fungus Treatment Leather Sewing Kit
Shotgun Ammo  Fire Extinguisher
Snare Wire
Pepper Spray
Load Bearing Harness/Vest
Full Camo Clothing
Military Boots
Small Tent
Sleeping Bags
Red Lens Flashlight
 Old Vehicle