Send Your Mom* A Covid Tool

*Or Anyone You Love !

OK Yes !


No Matter What You Believe

Older folks are more at risk

COVID Infections are increasing

Public door handles are NASTY

All it takes is ONE MISTAKE

OK Yes !

Say “I Love You”

Easy To Send Practical Gift

Help Them Stay Healthy & Active

Be Remembered !

Make Sense Now,Yes !

How It Works

Pull Doors Open

Twist Handles

press button

Press Buttons

OK, I’m Definitely In !

How To Get One ?


Tell me Who,What & Where


Wait a Few Days


Answer The Phone When They Call To Say “Thanks!”

OK, I’m Definitely In !

Much More than just a
Covid Tool !

You can do it Yourself
I can do it for You

I Like This, Too !

Simple 3D Project you can build !

My Mom loved it and your’s will, too!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift

OK, Yes !

We help you tell someone you love

You’re thinking of them fondly

With a simple and handy gadget

To avoid nasty door handles

So they can be safe and know they’re loved

And remember your fondly every time they open a door

Yes, That !

Other Stuff

  • I use an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer – highly recommended as a 1st printer.
  • I learned to 3D print starting with this excellent website.
  • The COVID Tool was my first starter project.
  • It was designed by Nexnox and was a perfect first project.
  • I give away most of my COVID Tools when I see a need. They can go fast!
  • They cost $0.95 each in materials and you get FOUR in a package!
  • The killer is the shipping – another $4.75 to mail them!
  • When you pay “retail”, you’re generously giving someone else a free COVID Tool – Thank You!
  • This site was modeled on StoryBrand


Please send pics & videos to

Yes, That !

Quality & Hygiene

These are rough plastic (PLA+) gadgets. They are not biosafe, hygienic, sterile or anything else remotely clean or safe. In fact, the plastic has rough surfaces that may hold dirt and germs. These are our safety precautions:

  1. Never lick your COVID Tool!
  2. If you think it’s dirty, put it in the dishwasher and turn it on.

Our 100% Guarantee

  • We guarantee these products 100%.
  • If it breaks, we’ll replace it pronto.