Raising Wild Bobwhite Quail

Jill is a white and brown Brittany spaniel puppy used for hunting bobwhite quail and meeting a large white Great Pyrenees dog.

The Magnificent Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite Quail are precious creatures.  They seem to serve as God’s appetizer for almost all carnivores and they propagate largely based on Mother Nature’s whims. BUT, almost anyone who’s visited the Outdoors where bobwhite quail congregate can recognize the heart-stopping whir of a covey of bobwhite quail taking wing from under a nearby bush.  Only a cackling pheasant rooster busting from the bushes between my feet gives my heart the same delightful shock.

I’ve hunted bobwhite quail casually since I was young.  I didn’t have a dog, just a .22 pump with some #9 ratshot and I entertained myself on Sunday afternoons walking the brush studded fence lines (the ones I hadn’t cleared yet) looking and listening for them.  I never got more than one at a time and since I was way underpowered with my .22, I had some real interesting quail chases tracking them down after I’d winged one.