How to Raise Quail with the Surrogator VIDEO

The Video – How to Raise Quail with the Surrogator – is ready!

It consists of over 90 minutes of footage from last Summer’s adventures to raise quail and covers

  • How I setup my Quail Surrogator to raise quail- all the tips & tricks I’ve learned to do this easily and effectively
  • Loading Quail Chicks – what happens when I first load the bobwhite quail chicks and how to increase survival
  • End of Each Week – how I manage and maintain the Quail Surrogator each week during the quail restoration process
  • Scouting New Locations for my Quail Surrogator – what I look for in quail habitat and how I pick my next spot to raise  quail
  • Releasing the Bobwhite Quail – how I do it and what I do to help them survive
  • Clean Up & Reset of the Quail Surrogator – it’s easy if you know a few little tricks
  • Tips & Tricks – my quail bucket and tools, cleaning out the little nasties, Game cams, callbacks and coon proofing
  • Quail Feeders – what I’ve learned about quail feeders and how they work
  • Quail Habitat Management – the Softball Test, Plot Experiments, Sustainable Improvements, Long Term Habitat Management to Raise Quail
  • Quail Surrogator Technical Details – detailed footage of how the Quail Surrogator measures up and is built to last.


But, before you order I need to give you a FAIR WARNING.

This is a home made video recording of me while I’m in the field tending my surrogator to raise quail.  It is not a professional produced/slick video.  In some places you’ll have to turn it up real loud because I didn’t figure out that I needed a separate microphone until after a week or so.  In some places, I’ve cut off my head.  I edited/assembled the final video on my Mac computer with simple titles so there is no fancy video menu – just one big 90+ minutes of video.  It comes on 2 DVD discs and the video files can only be watched on your computer – NOT YOUR TV.  It’s me doing my best to help you by telling you what I know and what I’ve learned – not me show casing my talents as a Jr. Hollywood Director.


It’s pretty simple.  I’d love to give you a money back guarantee but I’m not willing to fool with all that.  I’m pretty sure you’ll like the video and I’m completely confident that it contains valuable information that you want to know based on a survey I’ve run on my site for almost a year ASKING you what you want.  I’m trying to give you as much value as possible for the lowest price/effort possible.  To do that, I just can’t be goofing around with credit card refunds, etc.  So, if you’re not willing to risk the low price I’m asking, then PLEASE DON’T ORDER THE VIDEO!  Most of what I cover in the video is also on this website and easily searchable at no cost. Everything I receive from this video will be used to help me pay for my efforts to raise quail.

OK, Enough Said!  Time to learn how I raise quail…

If you’d like a copy of my video – “How to Raise Quail with the Surrogator”, then click the link below to pay with Paypal and I’ll ship you the two DVDs within 10 business days.

The price is $99.95.