Dog Bite Plug



TWO Medium Plugs PLUS 1 Large Plug & 1 Small Plug!

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*If you can think of a better, more descriptive name, I’d like to hear it!




Safely Stop Your Dog from Biting You!

At some point, we all need to reach inside our dog’s mouth.

Mine started with a big porcupine bite!

Others include brushing teeth, removing splinters or diagnosing tooth problems.

I invented this Dog Bite Plug to help me safely work in my dog’s mouth.

If you have a dog, you will need to hold it’s mouth open at some point.

This plug allows you to do it safely & easily for both of you.

* And yeah, I know, but tell me a better name for it!

Your Dog Will Bite You!

Dogs Do Not Like you messing around in their mouth.

Dogs can not hold their mouths open long.

This can lead to anger and stress.

You probably don’t like it either!

This leads to accidental bites and chomps that HURT!

This can lead to a pet that doesn’t trust you.

You owe it to you and your pet to do this safely and easily!

Your Dog Will Bite The Plug Instead!

Just Watch!

If you have a dog, you WILL need to hold it’s mouth open at some point.

And yes, the name is terrible but tell me something better!

Porcupine quills, tooth brushing, or splinters between their teeth.

Without something to prop open their mouth, you can harm your dog and harm yourself.

I used a stick when Dot bit a porcupine and had to keep stopping to find another because she chomped them.

Then, while I was looking for another stick to proper her mouth open, she would chew and push the quills even deeper!

I invented this device to allow me to work inside a dog’s mouth without harming me or the dog.

You need one in your Dog Emergency Kit!

Here's What You Get!

2 Medium Plugs suitable for 25# up to 75# dogs

1 Small Plug for Small Dogs

1 Large Plug for Large Dogs

Other Stuff

Plastic & Hygiene

  • These are rough plastic (PLA+) gadgets.
  • They are not biosafe, hygienic, sterile or anything else remotely clean.
  • In fact, the plastic has rough surfaces that may hold dirt and germs.
  • PLA is not a food-safe plastic.
  • Wash them each time before you use them.

All that said, consider what your pup likes putting in their mouth and let that be your guide.