Texas Duck Hunt and Migratory Bird Hunt Report

Sunrise on a Texas Duck Hunt
Early Morning Sunrise on Duck Hunting Land in Texas




The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues a frequent report about the current forecast for for their Texas Duck Hunt and Migratory Bird Hunt in Texas.  This report and forecast is based on information from the US Fish & Wildlife Service as well as area survey by biologists around the state of Texas.


2011 Texas Duck Hunt and Migratory Bird Hunt Report

The 2011 Report has not been completed and released but with the heavy rains and moisture in Northern United States and Canada, coupled with the drought in Texas, should lend itself to some outstanding duck hunts and dove hunts IF you can find the water and do your scouting.  The waterfowl hatch was above average this year and the dove hatch, especially white winged dove, has been very good.  The key to successful early season duck hunts and dove hunts will be scouting and pressure management.  The early Teal Duck Hunting Season in Texas for 2011 begins September 10, 2011 and lasts for 15 days.  Texas also has an early Canada Goose season this year in the Eastern Zone.  I’m not sure why – maybe the gold course geese are getting too thick?

2010 Texas Duck Hunt and Migratory Bird Hunt Report

The 2010 report on Dove, Duck and Goose Hunting reports that

Doves in the North Zone are being found in grain fields and playa lakes.

Doves in the Central Zone were disturbed due to cloudy weather but clearing weather patterns are allowing them resume their migrations.

Doves in the South Zone finally dried out and began resuming their typical flight patterns.

Specklebellied Geese finally showed up and are concentrated in the Katy Prairies.

Ducks are showing up in larger numbers due to more cold fronts and that water appears to be sufficient.

Texas Duck and Goose season opens October 30, 2010!

Texas Duck Hunt and Migratory Bird Hunt Summary

As always, hunting ducks and doves in Texas is challenging and fulfilling.  The increasing competition for water in the state of Texas will put pressure on the duck hunters and dove hunters to scout relentlessly and effectively.  In order to increase the amount of hunting land available, consider purchasing a Public Hunting Permit to hunt lands owned or leased by the State of Texas – just be sure that you carefully note the restrictions on times, seasons and species that can vary from location to location.