Texas Dove Hunting and The Heat!

Texas dove hunting is almost a national sport in the state of Texas.  We start looking forward to it about mid July.  Yeah, it’s still hot out there but we don’t mind.  It’s always amazing to see how many people get out for opening day – especially the kids who can look forward to a day out of school if their parents are hunters.  Texas dove hunting is not something that you’d want to miss if you’re a hunter!




Texas Dove Hunting in the Early Morning

Texas dove hunting in Green fields and blue sky with grey and white mojo dove spinners
Cool green fields are very inviting for early morning bird hunting in Texas.

Almost all of the fields look great early in the morning – cool, green and inviting for the migrating whitewing and mourning doves in the area.  We are blessed in Central Texas for Texas dove hunting to have a year-round population of white wing doves to watch and monitor during the off season.  Mojo spinning wing decoys continue to work well for us.  Sometimes, if your patient, the doves will actually land right at the decoy!


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Staying Cool While Texas Dove Hunting

Orange and White dog sits in blue bath container to cool off.
Little Dog cools off in her own doggy bath during a hot Texas dove hunt.

The summer heat still persists in Texas during September and keeping a dog cool while Texas bird hunting can be a challenge.  The easy approach is hunt near water where the birds come to drink.  I prefer to have more options and hunt longer so I tend to hunt fields without water and bring my own water.  I’ve repurposed a discount doggy bath as a portable water trough for my dog and I keep it filled next to the truck for drinking and cooling off.  I also make sure that she is in very good condition when the season starts.  I’ve sen too many fat, out of shape dogs get heat stroke during Texas dove hunting season.






Hot Dry Fields = Texas Bird Hunting

Dry Brown Grass Field used for Texas Bird Hunting
Hot, dry short grass fields are sometimes good locations for Texas bird hunting.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself Texas dove hunting in parched, brown, dry fields.  Don’t be fooled.  There are many many seeds laying on the ground and white wing and mourning doves are very opportunistic feeders.  Some scouting late in the evening or early morning will give you your best clues as to where the birds are to hunt in Texas.




Texas Bird Hunting Buddy

Orange and White Brittany holding Whitewing Dove
Little Dog finds retrieving dove hot, thirsty work in September!

No matter what, Texas dove hunting with your best friend is always the best.  My best friend for hunting is my dog – and she works like crazy to make sure that we collect every bird we hunt – no matter how hot it is.  Doves have a ton of feathers and getting a mouthful of air around all those feathers can be a challenge.






Summary of Texas Dove Hunting

Texas dove hunting is an eagerly awaited sport for many thousands of Texas hunters.  Mornings bring cool, green inviting fields and the mid morning and afternoon heat can be parching!  It’s important to stay hydrated during the heat – especially your dog!

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