Texas Coastal Marsh Ducks

I hunted near the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge last weekend with Jimmy Galindo of Fowl Mouth Guide Service. Jimmy also guides hunts in the East Texas Timber. Previously, I’d hunted Red Head Ducks in the Texas marshes.


We hunted ducks in a leased marsh right next to the refuge.


You can see the High Island Bridge in the background and the “tail up” splashing duck decoy in the foreground.


Here, you can see the tug boat moving freight in the Texas Intercoastal Canal – and another moving duck decoy in the foreground.


Here you can see the prime location for our duck hunt on the satellite map. We had a prime location thanks to Jimmy!


The duck blind was primo with these sweet water-proof buckets to sit in and great cover on both sides. It made it really easy to be able to quickly turn around and shoot either way. It was quite handy because the wind switched on us mid-morning and the ducks started coming from a different direction.


Duck hunting in Texas requires some serious gear. Jimmy converted is four wheeler to a four tracker and it really made a difference. You have to be able to get to where the ducks are and they don’t come to dry ground!


After the four tracker, we still needed a boat ride to get out to the duck blind.


And a full strap of Texas ducks was the result.

Jimmy Galindo of Fowl Mouth Guide Service comes through again!