Bird and Texas Duck Hunting Season Opening Dates

Preparation for Texas Duck Hunting needs to start well in advance of the setting of the season dates. The general dates are usually established late in the summer by the three nation (US, Canada & Mexico) wildlife agencies, formalized by the USFWS and then given to the states to amend. The individual states can shorten the seasons or bag limits but may not lengthen them.

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2010 Bird and Texas Duck Hunting Season Dates

TPWD has released the opening ages for Texas Duck Hunting and bird hunting in Texas.

Early Teal starts 9/11 though 9/24.

Dove South Zone starts 9/17.


Dove North Zone starts 9/1.

Quail start 10/30.

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Keep Up to Date via Goose Hunting Forums for Texas

Updated 7/11/11 – One way to keep track of the upcoming waterfowl and migratory season dates is to watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.  The TPWD website is usually the first place the information is posted – but not by much!  An easier way to keep track of waterfowl and migratory season dates is to visit an online forum.  For example, if you are a goose hunter or duck hunter, find a goose hunting forum for Texas and then subscribe to the RSS feed with an RSS Reader.  A great example is the Texas Waterfowl Hunting Forum.