Summer Preparation for Duck Hunting in Texas

Duck hunting in Texas is right around the corner. Early Teal Season in September is the start of duck hunting in Texas each year. OK, it’s a ways around the corner, but still around the corner. Actually, we’re still waiting for the season dates to be set for duck hunting in Texas. Summer is a great time to get everything prepared and tested prior to starting the season. Texas duck hunting early Teal season starts in about 90 days which should be plenty of time to get my equipment repaired, replaced and checked. My list or things to do to prepare for duck hunting is Texas is pretty long so I have my work cut out for me.


The Work Begins for a New Season of Texas Duck Hunting

Summer Preparation with Brown and White Boxes of Decoys for a Texas Duck Hunt
Summer Preparation for a Texas Duck Hunt

I lost quite a few decoys last year when I was duck hunting in Texas. I hunted mainly in the rivers on the shallow, swift places and the current dragged some of my decoys downstream too far to retrieve. I can’t help but imagine that there is a place where the river dumps into the Gulf that has huge rafts of lost decoys from other guys losing them while they were duck hunting in Texas. I watched the online sales and coupons and when the time was right, I pounced – sort of like another kind of Texas duck hunting, only decoys this time!









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New Decoys for Duck Hunting in Texas

White Boxes of New Decoys for Duck Hunting in Texas
New Decoys for Duck Hunting in Texas

I prefer 2 basic set types when I’m duck hunting in Texas. I like a good sized spread of only teal (blue wings for me) for early teal season. During the full season, I’ve really come to like the mix in the puddler pack of gadwalls, pintails and widgeon – exactly the most popular ducks we see during Texas duck hunting. I also really prefer the Greenhead Gear brand because of their combination of light weight, keel weight distribution, life likeness and price when I can catch them on sale with a coupon.







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Texas Rigs for Duck Decoys on a Texas Duck Hunt

Grey Lead Weights and Clear Poly Line for Texas Rigs for Texas Duck Hunting
Texas Rigs for Texas Duck Hunting

I’m also a big fan of the Texas Rig for my decoys that I use for duck hunting in Texas. The Texas rig makes it very easy to pick and manage a dozen or more decoys. I also like that I can string them with a clip or wrap them for the times I have to backpack into a hole with my decoys in a sack. Yeah, I know I could make the Texas rigs myself but it’s just as easy to buy them ready built from Mojo.







Summary of Summer Preparation for Duck Hunting in Texas

The season for duck hunting in Texas is coming soon and I have a long list of things to do to be prepared. First on my list is repair and replacement of my decoys. I’ve been watching for sales and coupons and that has paid off. Another kind of Texas duck hunting you might say. I’m a big fan of Greenhead Gear and Mojo Texas Rigs. When the boxes arrived in the mail, I just left them boxed in my living room near my chair. It makes me smile every time I walk by as I think about my next adventure duck hunting in Texas.