Speckle Belly Goose Hunts in Texas!

Light Fronted Geese are also known, in Texas, as Speckle Bellies. The season for Texas Goose Hunting opens at the end of October each year.  Speckle Bellies are a ton of fun to hunt and tend to decoy very very well early in the season.

Speckle Belly Goose

The recent cold fronts have pushed down quite a few light fronted geese as well as snow geese. I’d estimate that approximately 25% of the eventual goose populations have arrived as of early November. And yes, that’s a bird dog grudgingly retrieving a goose.

Finding a great place for a goose hunt in Texas can be a real challenge!  Most of the hunting land in Texas is privately owned and very difficult to lease or get permission to hunt.  I find that looking for goose hunting forums about Texas can be very beneficial for finding leads on good goose hunt leases.  It is most typical to find goose hunts in North Texas but if you look carefully and do your research, you can find one of the great places on the Katy Prairie outside Houston, Texas.