Private Quail Hunting In Texas

It can be difficult to find good wild quail hunting in Texas – much less wild pheasants or chukars. Many outfits offer private hunting with pen raised/released birds. They DO need to be licensed by the State of Texas as a private operator for bird hunting. This is an example of what you’ll typically see. This location is in Dimebox, TX and run by Mike Schumann. I’ll post more later about the many wonderful bird hunts I’ve had there. Schumann Brothers Outdoors

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Private Ranch for Quail Hunting in Texas
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Quail Hunting in Texas on a Private Preserve

Private quail hunting in Texas is regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The usual season dates don’t apply but the November through February weather does have a big impact on a dog’s ability to scent and find quail.

Summary of Private Quail Hunting in Texas

Private quail hunting in Texas is a great option when you want to work your dogs or the wild quail population is on the decline.