Pigeons are Not a Texas Pheasant Hunt

Grey and White Pigeons for Practicing Texas Pheasant Hunting

Pigeons for Practicing Texas Pheasant Hunting

I don’t have a ready source of quail in the Spring and Summer so I had to go find some pigeons. I don’t have any access to pheasants either and I do enjoy a Texas pheasant hunt. It was harder than I expected to find someone who raised pigeons – especially since they seem to be almost everywhere in the city. Pigeons are a poor substitute for quail but sufficient for training for quail hunting in Texas. I finally found a guy, down about 4 different dirt roads, who had a pen full of pigeons and would sell me the 6 that I needed to give it a try. One of the drawbacks with using pigeons is that they can carry some diseases so I was advised to be cautious in how much I used pigeons for training.