Hunting Wood Ducks in Texas

Wood Ducks are wonderful.  Not only are they beautiful, they tend to inhabit woody areas and creeks where other ducks fear to tread.  Finding a wood duck roost can be a challenge.  You’ll need to find a woody area with a creek or other shallow water nearby.  They can also be tough to find once you’ve found a likely location.  Wood ducks tend to stay on small bodies of water during the day and move to their roosts late in the afternoon as the sun is setting.  I really enjoy hunting wood ducks.

Texas Duck Hunting Dog?

Bird Dog for Duck Hunting
Duck Hunting Bird Dog

I use my trusty bird dog and add a neoprene flotation vest to keep her warm, help her float and camouflage her bright orange and white colors.  She generously tolerates my shenanigans treating her like a duck hunting dog knowing that I’ll owe her an extra bird hunt or two if she does well.

Hunting Location for Wood Ducks
Wood Duck Hunting Location

It doesn’t take many decoys for a wood duck hunt – just a few and a mojo teal can help as well.  Wood ducks typically don’t live in large flocks like coastal marsh ducks.  They also don’t usually migrate, especially in the Central Texas area.

Perfect Timing and Location for Hunting Wood Ducks

Twilight Wood Duck Hunt
Twilight in a Wood Duck Creek

Woodies are going to be most active as the sun sets and they return to their roosts.  They make a very interesting peeping sound and it doesn’t take a lot of skill to get them to decoy to a call.  Again, a little motion from a Mojo Teal and just a few small teal decoys is usually sufficient to have them come take a look.  Don’t expect them to attempt to join the decoys though.  They are going to pass by, take a look and then continue on to their evening roost in some nearby trees.  You need to be ready to shoot quickly because wood ducks can fly right past you in the fading light and they are easy to miss.

Texas Location for Wood Duck Hunting
Hunting Wood Ducks on a Wooded Creek in Texas

I like to find seasonal creeks in woody areas to hunt wood ducks.  I tend to use Google Maps and Google Earth quite a bit to find ideal locations and then ask for land owner permission to scout the area.  There won’t be a bunch of wood ducks in any one place but a little hiking and scouting can help you find a bunch of places within a mile or so radius.

Cinnamon Teal is a Rare Duck to Hunt in Texas

Cinnamon Teal from Central Texas
Central Texas Duck Hunting Rarity - Cinnamon Teal

In Central Texas, it is quite rare to see a Cinnamon Teal.  These ducks typically fly and migrate further West so it was a real treat to see this one near Houston, Texas.