Duck count for Texas Waterfowl holds steady

Ducks and geese are very popular birds for many Texas waterfowl hunters. You can find ducks and geese in Texas almost any place that has a little water and a little green or grain to eat. We are very fortunate to be at the Southern end of most of the waterfowl migration patterns so that the birds tend to stay with us during the season rather than just migrate through. Texas waterfowl hunting tends to be very good through out the entire season.

Today,, just published an update from the US Fish and Wildilfe Service reporting that the numbers of ducks are holding steady across North America.

If you’ve ever hunted ducks, you know that bag limits are based on these USFWS surveys so it looks like this year will be mother good one.

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An Abundance of Texas Waterfowl

An abudnace of Texas Waterfowl in the Late Evening Sky
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This is a picture from the 2009-2010 season of a very large flock of pintails getting up near Garwood, TX.

Summary of Duck Counts and Texas Waterfowl Hunting

Texas waterfowl hunting is amazing with plenty of opportunities and fair weather that keeps the birds in our area for almost the entire season. The variety of waterfowl is truly amazing and they can be found almost everywhere in Texas – even as far as dry West Texas. The best locations for Texas waterfowl hunting are Central Texas near Houston and South Texas near Rockport.