Waterfowl Hunting at Austin Woods & Waters Club

I recently went to a meeting of Austin Woods & Waters, a great place to start exploring waterfowl hunting.

I found a very lively group of friends and a great roster of speakers.

In the August meeting, we were privileged to hear from Corey Mason, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Program Leader for the Migratory Shore & Upland Game Bird Program.

Corey talked specifically about hunting white wing and mourning dove in Texas.

One amazing statistic, Texas bird hunters are responsible for 60% of the dove harvest in the Central Flyway and 30% of all doves harvested nationally!

Waterfowl Hunting in Austin, Texas

If you are into waterfowl hunting and looking for duck goose hunting in Austin Texas, then Austin Woods & Waters is an excellent place to meet other waterfowlers.

You’ll find a wide variety of interests, passions, friends and even locations to hunt. They occasionally put on a group hunt for goose hunts in north Texas and have, in years past, put on Texas conservation season goose hunts.