Argentina Duck Hunting – Wow!

Argentina duck hunting is the “little sister” of Argentina Dove Hunting.  While they don’t have ducks in the same quantity as doves, they do have a LOT of ducks.  And, the ducks they have are almost all unique to the Southern hemisphere.  It’s a bit more expensive to hunt ducks in Argentina but you end up shooting less so it is “theoretically” about the same price.  I guess it depends on the size of your shotgun shell bill after a dove hunt – mine was rather large.  By contrast, I hunted ducks for 4 days with 1 dove hunt and 1 pigeon/parakeet hunt and only shot 45 boxes.  On dove hunts, I typically shoot as much as 80 boxes per day. The best part of our Argentina duck hunt was the amazing number of crazy shots that were successful.  Yes, we did have large piles of dead ducks.  You won’t see that here because that’s not the point.  What was magnificent was the superb scenery, a steady stream of ducks arriving about every 5 minutes, long shots with a 20ga, shooting lead, crazy double and quarduple shots with my buddy Larry and our host.  Puelo Expeditions, Ramiro and his superb team delivered so far beyond our expectations that we were continually surprised and amazed.  Puelo Expeditions should be your first choice for Argentina Duck Hunting if you want a superb, finest personal experience. You can get a little taste of the action Argentina Duck Hunting in the video.

Argentina Duck Hunting Sunrise

Blue Sky, Grey Clouds and Green Grass on an Argentina Duck Hunt Sunrise
Argentina Duck Hunt Sunrise
I dare you to show me a duck hunter who doesn’t have a massive collection of sunrise photos.  We hunted ducks in Argentine just South of Buenos Aires.  The topography reminded me very much of the Katy Prairie outside Houston, TX.  Pampas, ponds, reeds and many many ducks. It just so happens that this morning turned into a fantastic pigeon hunt before the ducks even woke up!  We had hundreds of pigeons come right over the duck blind out of the group of trees in the right of the photo.  We just turned around and shot pigeons for 30 minutes or so until the ducks woke up and joined them.  You can’t find that in the US!

Yellow Billed Pintails from Duck Hunting Argentina

Duck Hunting Speckled Grey Yellow Billed Pintail
Duck Hunting Yellow Billed Pintail
A big part of duck hunting is species identification.  At some point, almost every duck hunter turns into a species hunter since species identification is so important to our game laws.  The species we saw in South America were almost all unique to South America.  This surprised me and turned out to be an enormous treat for us.
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Southern Shoveler

Red, Blue, Green and Orange Southern Shoveler Duck Hunting
Southern Shoveler Duck Hunting
Yeah, they have spoonies down there too.  I’m not a fan of spoonies because they just don’t have much meat on them.  They are also pretty easy to identify in flight with that big ol’ honker they have mounted up front.  The Southern species is redder than the northern species but everything else is about the same. It was a fun duck to shoot but not really what I was after.

Southern Screamer

Grey and Black Southern Screamer with Pink Legs
Southern Screamer
Seriously!  These aren’t huntable birds and we didn’t shoot any.  They do make one hell of a racket though and truly deserve their name.

Southern Wigeon Duck Hunting

White, Black and Green Duck Hunting Southern Wigeon
Duck Hunting Southern Wigeon
I love hunting wigeon.  I like their wingbeat pattern and how they will work a call and decoys.  I also think they are the prettiest duck out there.  So, I was quite delighted to harvest several while duck hunting in Argentina. I think the sourthern species is even more beautiful than their northern cousins.

Silver Teal Duck Hunting

Speckled, Blue, Green, Black and Brown Silver Teal Duck Hunting
Silver Teal Duck Hunting
This is my favorite duck of the entire Argentine duck hunting trip.  We were relatively early in the season as we hunted the first week of May.  Since the southern hemisphere is six months opposite the northern hemisphere, their duck hunting season is 6 months opposite of ours. Since we were early in the season, not many ducks had begun migration.  So, we hunted mostly local ducks.  This was very different that hunting local ducks up here.  Most of the local ducks where we hunted were teal and they are my very favorite.  The silver teal was the scarcest species of teal we saw.  This photo was taken in a teal hole (small pond filled with reeds with a small open area in the middle) where we were literally bombarded by teal one day.  So many, that they were literally swimming right up to our blind!

My First Cinnamon Teal hunting Ducks in Argentina

Brown, Blue and Green Cinnamon Teal Duck Hunt
Cinnamon Teal Duck Hunt
I live in Texas and are just a tiny bit too far east to see cinnamon teal.  I didn’t expect to see a cinnamon while hunting duck in Argentina but I knew this guy as soon as he came by the blind.  What a treat to get my first cinnamon on a duck hunting in Argentina.

Rings, Silvers, Cinnamons and some Damn Parakeets

Speckled Black/White Ring and Silver/Green Silver Teal Ducks
Ring and Silver Teal Ducks
Ring teal are another example of unique southern duck species.  They are very noticeable in flight due to the ver white ring on their wings.  We also shot parakeets.  I love shooting parakeets.  You can hear them coming as they chatter to each other in flight.  They usually fly in pairs which offers a very nice double on a regular basis.  I love shooting parakeets so much that I’ll pass up a duck shot to take one at parakeets.  No, they aren’t good for anything but they are a huge pest in Argentina.  They eat grain just like dove but they use their very sharp beak to chop off the heads of mature grain stalks rather than just pick up seeds off the ground like the doves.  Farmers hate them and are generally happy to let you shoot them. Below the silver and ring teal are a few speckled teal.  Speckled teal were by far the most common teal we saw and shot.

Parakeets and Pigeons, Oh My!

Green and Blue Parakeet and Grey and White Pigeon Hunting
Parakeet and Pigeon Hunting
We had an afternoon hunt for pigeons and parakeets at our specific request. If you want this type of hunt, make sure you request it ahead of time.  It is common to shoot a few pigeons and parakeets while hunting other species but it is very unique to hunt them at their roost.  It’s harder than it sounds.  Hunting the roost only provides a concentration of pigeons and parakeets, we didn’t shoot them out of the trees or their nest.  But, it did provide us a place to hunt them with sufficient regular traffic that it made a hunt.  They roost in very very tall eucalyptus trees and fly in and out all day long.  It was fun to build a big stack of green birds and then go have a great pigeon asado (argentina bar-b-que) afterwards.  The pigeons are very tasty.  I can’t say the same for the parakeets.

End of the Argentina Duck Hunt

Grey Water, Green Plants and Red Shotgun Shells after an Outstanding Argentina Duck Hunt
Outstanding Argentina Duck Hunt
Every great hunt has to end and this photo summed it up the best.  Man, we had some amazing shooting, shots and laughs.  What else could a duck hunter ask for in a duck hunting trip to Argentina?

Summary of Duck Hunting in Argentina

It is the same but different and better. It’s just like hunting up here but you have ducks about every five minutes and you never have to keep count.  Oh, and you can also shoot lead.  Go!