Argentina Duck Hunting + Pigeons & Parrots 2014

I had been wanting to hunt ducks & pigeons in Argentina since my last visit for dove hunting in Argentina.

Ramiro, with Puelo Expeditions, was our host and our trip was fantastic.

Argentina duck hunting is the “little sister” of Argentina Dove Hunting.  While they don’t have ducks in the same quantity as doves, they do have a LOT of ducks.  And, the ducks they have are almost all unique to the Southern hemisphere.  It’s a bit more expensive to hunt ducks in Argentina but you end up shooting less so it is “theoretically” about the same price.  I guess it depends on the size of your shotgun shell bill after a dove hunt – mine was rather large.  By contrast, I hunted ducks for 4 days with 1 dove hunt and 1 pigeon/parakeet hunt and only shot 45 boxes.  On dove hunts, I typically shoot as much as 80 boxes per day. The best part of our Argentina duck hunt was the amazing number of crazy shots that were successful.  What was magnificent was the superb scenery, a steady stream of ducks arriving about every 5 minutes, long shots with a 20ga, shooting lead instead of steel, crazy double and quadruple shots with my buddy Larry and our host.  Puelo Expeditions, Ramiro, and his superb team delivered so far beyond our expectations that we were continually surprised and amazed

Puelo Expeditions should be your first choice for Argentina Duck Hunting if you want a superb, finest personal experience. You can get a little taste of the action Argentina Duck Hunting in the video.

Saturday 4/26/14, Day 0.5
830 am arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arrived at the Lodge 1030 after 90m drive
The Estancia smells like San Pablo and is what San Pablo prob wanted to be.
Amazing Estancia! Someone thought far ahead and cared for it lovingly.

PM Hunt4PM into blind in a small pond.

Southern Screamers – not a game bird but very cool!

Slow but steady traffic all afternoon.

Shot full afternoon limit of 25 per person.

A big part of duck hunting is species identification.  At some point, almost every duck hunter turns into a species hunter since species identification is so important to our game laws.  The species we saw in South America were almost all unique to South America.  This surprised me and turned out to be an enormous treat for us.

14 Speckled Teal
5 Yellow-Billed Pintail. It was very hard to tell hen or drake
6 Ringed Teal
3 Silver Teal
2 Spot-Winged Pigeons
2 Picazuro Pigeons
1 Monk Parakeet

Amazing end to an amazing hunt!!!

Sunday 4/27/14, Hunt Day 1
With Santi and Ramiro