2013 3 State Hunt Story

9/23/13, Monday
7 am depart to Blanco Ranch to check Leroy’s dozer work building the 12 test ponds.
He’s doing fine.
10 am depart ranch
6 pm arrive Amarillo at Kathy’s
9/24/13, Tuesday
730 am depart Amarillo.
Snow on the mountains outside of Raton, NM. That’s always exciting to see.
Lots of pronghorns outside Raton.
Lunch w DKD in Colo Spgs.
Arr Casper WY 7 pm
9/25/13, Wednesday
Sign of sage grouse
Found a cripple early
Killed a mid-size male
Missed a large male. No bullets in gun! Too excited!
Andy Caught brook trout over lunch. I’ve never seen one before.
Andy Killed a doe antelope.
Wyoming Trifecta – Antelope, Brookies & Sage Grouse
Got checked by a game warden and didn’t have my license on me – left back in the hotel – got a warning!
Still, an outstanding day!!!
9/26/13, Thursday
Up north in the same place as last year.
Jumped a covey of 6 old bachelor sage grouse.
Shot one approx 60 yds w 20ga #5. Nice! Love a Full Choke!
Jesse shot one and I dropped it for him – longer choke!
Cool, moist and overcast all day.
Outstanding day!!
Snow showers and rainbows on the way back. Never saw that before.
9/27/13, Friday
Tried to hunt the Hun lease. Creek was too high to get in.
Cold wet dog looking magnificent nonetheless!
Hunted alfalfa pheasants back at the lodge. Some still had blinders because FNG Yancy.
There are 3 dogs on point down there – all backing the lead – pretty!
Shot 4. Beautiful dog work!
Tried to walk back into the Hun lease. Brutal muddy gully climbing trip. No birds.
Jill exhausted.
9/28/13, Saturday
3 hrs business work in hotel.
Depart Casper,WY 11 am to Hardin, MT.
Toured Little Big Horn. Fascinating.
Arrive Hardin at 5pm.
9/29/13, Sunday
7 am pickup Wayne Egbert. Nice guy.
First loop nothing
Second loop saw Huns and Pheasants.
Missed a Chukar.
Switched from 28ga to 20 ga. Good thing I did!
Shot a Hun.
Big scary owl guarding sharptail spot
Third loop jumped 3 coveys of sharp tails
Shot 2 sharptails.
Good thing I switched to 20ga!  They are bigger than I thought!
Jill got attacked by guides male Brit. Scared her a lot but didn’t break any skin.
Excellent day!
9/30/13, Monday
7 am
pickup Wayne Egbert.
One big loop near the same area from yesterday afternoon.
Shot a double right over the top of a hill w great dog work
Shot a single.
Shot another single.
Both singles were with 20ga #5 and went a long way before dropping.
Good thing I used 20ga.
Limited out by 1030.
Ate lunch and worked afternoon from the hotel.
Scouted ND and made hotel reservations.
6 hr drive to Bismarck. Going to depart early to allow for pm scouting time
10/1, Tuesday
Depart Hardin MT 6am
Arrive Bismarck ND 1pm
Bought license at game and fish
Met a guy in parking lot who invited me to hunt his place
20 minutes N of Steele
Scouted. Very windy
Met 3 WI guys hunting that mans place.
Dry field hunting cut wheat.
Said most are local ducks and spooky.
Found a walk in spot w/ wind sheltered cove.
Jumped ducks.
No waders or coat.
Sat in shadows and shot a hen mallard.
A crazy number of ponds up here!!
Jill likes hunting leopard frogs!!
Shot a spoonie
Lost my watch today. Bad bracelet link. Sad.
Forgot my ghillie suit so couldn’t hunt w those guys. Seems like ghillie suit is what you need here for pond hunting.
Not seeing much moving. No migratory birds yet I guess. Locals are smart w lots of voices.
Local ducks are smart w lots of voices.
Sure are lots of raptors.
10/2/13, Wednesday
50. Low wind.
Same cove as yesterday.
No cover due to wind direction
Teal early
Low bird traffic
Waders have a leak
Need longer gad mojo poles
Jump shot 2 teal. Over by 9
Drive thru Lone Tree WMA. Stunning habitat mgmt!
Saw many small cemeteries. Most adults born 1870s and died by 40-50. Must have been a hard living out here.
Shit. Now I lost my keys. Glad I had spares.
Scouting until 5 pm
Went back to duck lake to see if anything interesting shows up.
Seem to be gads or teal. Plenty of shots available.
Didn’t take any.
Now I understand why guide scouting is hard.
Scouting until 5 pm
Went back to duck lake to see if anything interesting shows up.
Seem to be gads or teal. Plenty of shots available.
Didn’t take any
Now I understand why guide scouting is hard.