Laying the Deck Garden Foundation

Building a Deck Garden Foundation

Now that I have the equipment, I start to layout how the container / deck garden is going to fit and work on the deck. I have six 18 gallon containers and a good sized deck to work with. Installing the drip irrigation system is the next step.

I’ve selected the location for the container / deck garden on my deck.  The deck faces North which should provide some protection for the planter boxes and drip irrigation system from the brutal Texas Summer heat.  The deck is also very convenient and addresses a problem where I’ve failed gardening in the past – the garden was too far from the house and I didn’t tend it frequently enough.  Walking out the back door and another 5 steps should solve that problem!

deck garden

This deck garden system is going to require a timer to control the watering system.

I’m not going to be able to reliably do it myself and the deck garden is probably going to need water at least twice daily.

deck garden

This is the expected layout of the main hose of the inexpensive drip irrigation system along the deck railing. Hopefully, the dogs and cats will leave it alone and it should also provide fairly easy access in the event that I need to make some sort of repair.

deck garden

This is the initial layout and spacing of the containers for the deck garden.

Without any experience, I’m going to try to strike the right balance between compactness to get ins many containers as I can and spacing that will allow the plants in each container to have sufficient room for growth. I suspect that they are going to be very heavy when full of dirt and plants so getting it right the first times going to be important.

deck garden

The containers for the deck garden have drainage holes drilled in the bottom so that excess water can drain out.

Because of that, they will need to be lifted off of the deck floor to keep those drain holes from getting clogged. Cinder blocks were handy and appear to get the containers up to a height that will prevent me from bending over to manage the plants. I was hoping that a single cinder block would suffice but it doesn’t appear that will provide adequate support.

deck garden

Two cinder blocks for each deck garden container looks much more stable. I have couple of rambunctious dogs!

deck garden

Everything looks good, stable and well spaced to proceed. Next week, timer and hose hookup.