Drip Irrigation System Feeder Hoses

Drip Irrigation System – Step 2

The next step in setting up the automatic drip watering system for my planter box irrigation system is to hook the feeder hoses into the main hose. I’m going to start with one drip irrigation system feeder hose per container as the flow rate is determined by the type of emitter on the end of the feeder hose and not the size of the feeder hose.

drip irrigation

This is an example of a short feeder hose running from the main line.

drip irrigation

This is a drip irrigation system feeder hose with a one gallon per hour emitter one the end.

drip irrigation

It’s a bit of a pain to connect the feeder hoses to the main hose. They provide you with a small tool to punch a hole in the main hose and then you insert a plastic connecting piece to join the feeder hose to the main hose. This one leaked as you can see. I’m not sure how they all don’t leak but this one was the only with a problem out of six that I installed. Given how easy it was, I’m not really disappointed with the leaker and can easily do something to stop the drip irrigation system leak. They also provided me with goof plugs to seal mistaken holes in the main hose so I just sealed this one and punched another one. Easy enough and the second hole didn’t leak.

drip irrigation

All the drip irrigation system feeder hoses are connected, dripping and easy for the final installation of the containers for the garden.

The initial setup of the inexpensive drip irrigation system is completed and appears to be working just fine in the deck container garden.  It starts with a drip irrigation system attached to faucet, followed by drip irrigation check valve, followed by a timer and then the feeder hoses, branch hoses and then finally, emitters.  I think it’s very important to install and test your drip irrigation system for container gardens system prior to setting up any planter boxes to see and then stop drip irrigation system leaks. Unfortunately, this is a hose powered system and not a gravity drip irrigation kit for a planter box irrigation system.  The gravity drip irrigation kits just don’t seem to be inexpensive enough or reliable enough yet.

I’ve started doing some more web-based research on how other people are managing their deck gardens.  PlantsOnDeck.com is a wonderful resource and is experiencing tremendous success – I wish I had the cool summer weather of Michigan!