Dirt for the garden containers

When I priced the commercial bags of dirt for my garden containers, I was shocked! As much as $25 each for name brand dirt. I had used local organic garden dirt when i had my raised bed garden down in the yard so I stopped by and bought a small truck load, delivered for $25. He “makes” his dirt using humus and compost so it is really rich but also heavy. Since the garden containers only contain a small amount of soil, I want to make sure that I get the best that I possibly can.

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Fresh Dirt for Garden Containers

Fresh Moist Garden Soil for Garden Containers

It was very rich and easy to work with. You’ll have to excuse the lawn clippings that got scattered on top of it. This is one full yard of garden soil and will be more than enough to fill my garden containers.

Filling the Garden Containers

I filled each of the deck garden containers with dirt and then hauled them up the stairs to the deck. I was exhausted! Garden soil is very heavy as it contains a lot of humus and moisture, in addition to the compost. Thankfully, the bottom of each garden container is filled with a space and weight saving set of empty plastic bottles.



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Summary of Dirt for Garden Containers

Commercial garden soil for filling garden containers is horribly expensive. I found some a local mixture at a garden supply business for much less – and it was even delivered. Commercial garden soil is also very heavy so I was grateful that I’d partially filled my garden containers with empty plastic bottles.