Container Garden Challenges

I continue to have trouble with my deck container gardening. The plants are not performing at the level that they should and I’m not sure why.

Beans in a planter box

The beans in my planter boxes look OK. The climbing beans are in back and the bush beans are in front.

Container Garden Cucumbers

The cucumbers are proceeding nicely. Again, the climbing variety is in back and the bush variety in front. It’s curious to note that both the bush varieties of both the beans and cucumbers are performing poorly.

Tomatoes and Peppers in a Container Garden

My tomatoes in the planter boxes are growing too high too fast.

Container Garden Pepper Detail

The pepper plants in my container garden are already starting to produce. They didn’t produce this quickly when I had them in a raised bed garden.

Planter Box Tomato Detail

Some of the tomato plants are starting to show signs of yellowing despite daily application of fertilizer.