Automatic Fertilizer for the Deck Container Garden

I wanted a systematic approach to growing vegetables in my deck container garden. Part of pursuing that vision was an automated watering system and that has been completed.  Plants also need fertilizer, especially in a very compact deck container since there is very little natural soil. I researched and found a small automatic fertilizer system that integrates nicely with the automatic watering system.


The automatic watering system works by using syphon pressure to feed drip irrigation liquid fertilizer from a container directly into the watering line.


I selected Medina Hasta Grow plant food based on their reputation and the 6-12-6 potency.


I mix 3 oz of plant food into the container and connect it to the automatic watering system.

I will take some experimentation to get the metering right.

I’m starting with the MEDIUM setting on the flow rate to see if the fertilizer will last for an entire week.

Summary of Automatic Fertilizer for the Deck Container Garden

An automatic fertilizer filled with drip irrigation liquid fertilizer is a huge labor saver and a great benefit for your plants.  This model is large enough that it can feed up to six planter box irrigation emitters for an entire week if the flow is regulated properly.  It is important, however, that you confirm that it is working properly with the drip irrigation check valves to insure that no fertilizer flows backwards into your water supply.  This drip irrigation attaches directly to the faucet and that can pose a problem if not properly managed with a drip irrigation check valve.  Lastly, an inexpensive drip irrigation system can also go a long way to helping you manage soil temperature in your containers.