Uncommon Survival Gear – String, Flashlights & Soap

I’m still on a pretty tight budget to build my survival kit so I’m looking for bargains that match my survival kit list of high priority survival gear.  Occasionally, I’ll find an item from a lower priority category but I’ll usually pass it up and stay focused on filling out my high priority list of survival gear.

String In Your Survival Gear

String from Survival Kit ListInterestingly enough, I think that string is a high prior survival kit item.  Why?  Think about it.  How many times in a week do you need something like string?  Then, project forward and imagine that you don’t have 80% of the handy things that you have now.  Now, how valuable might that string be?  It is inexpensive, easy to find and a valuable addition to your survival gear.


Flashlights In Your Survival Kit

Emergency Essentials FlashlightIt’s no secret that I love flashlights.  I’m a sucker for almost any advertisement for a flashlight.  I’ve got them everywhere.  When you add in the fact that my eyes are getting older and I’ve got a little presbiopia (I need to wear reading glasses) you quickly come to the understanding that some extra light in your survival kit can be a huge benefit. Emergency Essentials Flashlight CloseupNow, the thing I particularly like about these flashlights is that they are both batter AND solar powered.  In addition, they also have a nice little battery charge indicator that shows the strength of the battery charge.  I fully expect that power will be one of the first things to go so accommodating that is high on my lit of emergency preparedness list.  Lastly, they are LED powered and are supposed to last for up to ten hours. They fill a very welcome spot on my list of needed survival gear. You can get your own survival gear flashlight. Survival Kit FlashlightKeeping with the theme of cool flashlights, I also like small, high power flashlights for my emergency essentials backpacks and vehicles.  These flashlights are especially nice in that they have two power settings.  These came in a pair and I didn’t mind a bit.  I’ll put one in each of the prepackaged survival kits that I bought previously. Survival Kit Flashlight ShiningThere’s really not a great way to show a picture of the power of a flashlight but I’ve attempted with this photo. I fully expect that when, and if, I need my survival gear, we are going to be in a situation without power and have to rely heavily on flashlights for both work and stealth.  A dual beam setting will come in very handy. I got mine through woot.com but you can get your emergency preparedness flashlight here.


Survival Kit Toiletries

Soap from Survival Kit ListSoap and other bathroom goodies are a critical part of comfort and certainly deserve a prominent place in your survival gear..  I travel frequently and have made it a habit to raid the hotel room bathroom on every visit for their selection of toiletries.  Hotels have these by the ton and they are super easy to drop into your shaving kit on the way out the door.  Just remember to only take the ones you haven’t opened and leave the ones you have openend.  No need to have a leaker in your survival kit. This month’s accumulation of survival gear came to less than $50.