Three Important but Easily Forgotten Survival Kit List Items

I’ve come to learn that building a survival kit list can be fun if I do it on a regular basis and don’t try to do too much at once.  My schedule consists of a monthly addition within my budget and then a quarterly update of my survival equipment list.  I turn the monthly addition of an item from my survival gear list into a sort of scavenger hunt for my home survival kit and I treat the quarterly research as an opportunity to learn more from the survival kit list community.

Add a Map to Your Survival Kit List

Detailed Map Book of Texas from Survival Kit List
Detailed Texas Map from Survival Kit List

I decided that it would be a very good idea to have a detailed and durable map for my home survival kit in the event that things went sideways.  I typically rely on my smart phone or GPS device but recognized that those devices, even the electricity needed to power them, may not be available.  Time to get a little old school for my survival equipment list and go back to paper.  Since I live in Texas and probably won’t go far from there in the event of an emergency I selected a Texas map.  I found one that has laminated page and very detailed maps of the major and minor roads in each county in Texas.  This addition to my survival kit list helped open up other lines of thinking as well.



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Clean Water is the Top Priority

Blue Boxed Water Treatment Kit from Survival Gear List
Commercial Personal Water Treatment Kit from Survival Gear List

Water is cricital to life and a good water filter is a critical component of any survival kit list.  There are almost too many choices out there so I selected the one for my home survival kit that seemed to have the longest life coupled with best filtration and a replaceable filter.  In addition to a water filter in my survival equipment list, I’ve also started building rain water collectors at each of the locations where I think I may need to go.  Finding water will be priority number one.  Treating or filtering tha twater for human consumption will be priority number two.






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Repairing Items in Your Survival Kit List

Yellow Boxed Sewing Awl from Home Survival Kit
Leather/Canvas Sewing Awl from Home Survival Kit

My Speedy Stitcher was a surprise item.  I actually purchased it to repair some hunting chaps and then upon wondering what to do with it afterward, realized that it would be a great addition to my home survival kit.  I already have numerous tarps in my survival equipment list and duct tape to repair those tarps if needed but imagine how many items in your survival kit list that could need repair.  If an item in your survival gear list needed repair how would you repair it?  A Speedy Stitcher of course!







Summary of Three Important Items for your Survival Kit List

Add a map, water filtration and a sewing kit to your survival kit list.  Surviving isn’t always about staying in one place and hiding.  You may need to be mobile and if so, you’ll want a map that help you avoid areas where other people are.  Water is the first priority.  Clean water is the second priority.  Look at your list of survival equipment list items.  How many of them could possibly need repair.  If an item in your survival gear list does need repair, do you have the tools to do so?  Update your survival kit each month with a new item.  Ask critical questions about your survival kit list.  Think creatively whenever you update your survival kit list.