Survival kit plan categories for every day survival kit

Survival kit building is a lot easier when you do it over time.

I decided to break my huge plan down into several categories to make it easier to assemble and manage and every day survival kit.

Looking at the exhaustive list of items that I needed to build my survival kit, I decided that the following categories made sense.

Food – pretty self explanatory. Stuff we need to eat.

Arms – weapons and ammunition to protect ourselves.

Health – things we need to maintain our health and in case someone is hurt or injured.

Shelter – protecting ourselves from the elements.

Clothing – spares and replacements.

The list for an every day survival kit was still pretty daunting, even after breaking all the items into categories. I needed another way to simplify this process of building a survival kit.

It took quite a bit of time to develop the plan categories for my survival kit and I drew a lot of information from various places.

I started by considering a wide variety of different type of survival kits that are already available commercially.  One of the types I considered was the pocket size survival kit – it is small, useful and simple.