Survival Kit List Lessons

Summer time always brings some interesting activity and clarity to my survival kit building.  I’ve continued to make my monthly additions and updates to my survival gear list – some good and some damaged. Summer has also provided a great opportunity to test my survival kit seeds again – and I have some very interesting lessons I’ve learned.  These lessons have provided me the opportunity to re-think my strategy for my survival kit equipment list and how I treat my survival kit seeds.

Survival First Aid Kit

Red, Blue and Clear First Aid Survival Kit
First Aid Survival Kit
There are almost too many choices for which first aid kit to use in your survival kit list.  Since my list is a work in progress and employs a strategy to “be ready now”, I elected to chose a moderately large “all in one” type first aid kit to cover most of the basic necessities.  This first aid kit will suffice for now and allow me to move forward accumulating the other items on my survival gear list with some level of confidence that what I have will work if and when I need it.

Paracord for Survival Gear List

Black Para Cord from Survival Kit List
Para Cord from Survival Kit List
Para cord is a great item to include on your survival gear list.  But, when it is delivered, you’ll need to protect it from your damn dogs! Another lesson learned – if you have a thieving dog then a box on the front porch to hold survival gear items is a necessity.  I’ve included this in my survival gear list only becuase it is bought & paid for and the damage isn’t horrible.
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Survival Kit Seeds

Multicolored Survival Gear List Seed Package on Blue Table Cloth
Survival Gear List Seed Package
Survival Equipment Seeds are a great idea and mine are even “Texas Ready”.  But, do you want the seeds or do you want the vegetables and fruit?  Also, does the seed kit have what you need for your area?  Only a test can tell.  Finally, does it have all the seeds you need and only those or does it have a bunch of extra nonsense?  I think mine had nonsense more than good seeds.

Survival Kit Seed Test

Yellow and Grey Survival Kit Seed Cantelope
Survival Kit Seed Cantelope
I tested my survival kit seeds last summer and had mixed results.  The melons did fine.  They were smaller than what we see in the store but still large enough to eat and quite tasty.

Survival Gear Melons

Light and Dark Green Survival Kit Seed Watermelon
Survival Kit Seed Watermelon
Even my survival gear list water melons did fine.  Again, a little smaller than what I’d expect but tasty and nutritious – even when grown in a square foot garden and hanging from a trellis. Lesson learned, the survival kit list seeds for melons work fine out of the bag.  But, an important aspect of survival kit seeds is whether they are hybrid or heirloom and produce seeds that can then germinate and produce plants the next season.  Beware, there are more hybrid seeds out there than you’d expect.  Also, just because they are seeds in a package does not mean they will grow in your area with your weather and your soil.  Lesson learned?  Plant them and find out!

Survival Kit List Seeds Drying

Yellow Slimy Survival Kit Seeds for Cantelope Drying on White Napkin
Survival Kit Seeds for Cantelope
I dried cantelope, watermelon and green melon seeds after last year’s harvest.  I’m not an expert in drying seeds and I probably made a mistake but attempted it nonetheless.

Second Generation Survival Kit List Seeds

Green Survival Kit List Melons Growing in Grey Dirt
Survival Kit List Melons Growing
Each of the second year seeds for cantelope, watermelon and cucumber germinated and grew in the second year.  Good so far – let’s see if the pollinate and produce!

Pilot Project for Survival Kit Seeds

Survival Kit List Green and Brown Corn Test
Survival Kit List Corn Test
My experience growing first year corn from my survival kit list was pretty bad.  I probably didn’t grow enough plants to get a good sample.

Survival Corn!

Yellow and Brown Survival Gear List Corn Example Against Green Grass Background
Survival Gear List Corn Example
The ears produced by the first year survival gear list corn seeds were small and poorly developed.  Since these are heirloom seeds and not hybrids, I’m unsure as to exactly how they compare to what they should be.  Nevertheless, these corn plants did produce some fruit but not enough to eat or feed a family.  I need more experience finding the right mix of seed, soil and sun for each variety that I include in my survival kit list.

Survival Gear List Seeds

Yellow, Pink and Orange Survival Kit Corn Seeds in Clear Plastic Bags
Survival Kit Corn Seeds
After last year’s failure in the square foot garden with the survival kit list seeds, I elected to try growing them in dirt.  I had 7 seeds successfully germinate and 5 plants out of 72 seeds – not a very good ratio.  These were first year seeds and they didn’t perform well at all. I’m not sure if it is sun, soil or seeds.

Hand Germinating Survival Kit List Seeds

Orange and Pink Survival Gear List Corn Seeds Hand Germinating in Clear Glass Bowls
Survival Gear List Corn Seeds Hand Germinating
I hand germinated a set of the same first year survival kit seeds for corn and only had 2 seeds successfully germinate inside out of 48 total seeds.  Again, not a good result.  Lesson learned is to confirm that I have the right seeds, soil and sun for my area and needs and not rely on just buying a box of seeds to depend on.

Hand Germination Gone Wrong!

Failed Survival Kit List Orange Corn Seeds Germinating with White Mold
Failed Survival Kit List Corn Seeds Germinating
Most of the hand germinated seeds just molded or rotted.  I’m not an expert on hand germination of corn seeds but it seems like I should have had better results than this.  Again, if you are dependent on seeds in your survival kit list, then please test them to make sure they work for you in your area! 

Summary fo Survival Kit List Lessons

There are a ton of little lessons – free for the taking if you get in action and build your survival kit list and then TEST IT!  Theory and practice here.  A big bag of seeds is no good if they don’t grow a crop that can feed you this year and next.  I’m coming to understand that it is far better to be an expert in a couple of basics from my survival kit list than to have a fully complete collection of items from a survival gear list with no experience actually using them.  Test Test Test!

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