Survival Kit List and Item Update

Building my survival kit from my survival kit list and updating my survival gear list has been a lot of fun.  When I share what I’m doing with people they are either very interested and wanting to do something for themselves or foolishly believe that “community” and “society” will take care of them.  To each his own I guess.  My survival equipment list has been very helpful keeping me on track and focused.  I use it to decide which new survival kit item I’m going to find or purchase and I also use it as a starting point to do additiona research into what else I might need.  I’m very grateful to the online suvivalist community.  When you really stop and think about it, it won’t take much for the world to stop acting “normal” and revert chaos pretty easily.  I am glad I’m at least a little prepared in case that happens.

Nails and Screws from my Survival Kit List

Black Cardboard Boxes of Nails and Screws from Survival Kits List
Nail and Screws from Survival Kits List
Nail and screws?  Yeah, I’m not going to be building a house but stop and consider for a moment.  If I do need temporary shelter or a quick repair to whatever I’m sheltering in, it would be really helpful to have a box of screws and nails to help me do that!

Hammer and Screwdrivers from my Survival Gear List

Grey and Orange Hammer and Red Screwdriver as Tools for Emergency Survival Kit List
Tools for Emergency Survival Kit List
Likewise, what good are screws and nails without a hammer and screw driver?  Likewise, a measuring tape because I think resources are going to be a bit scare, even for the well prepared, and accurately measuring and cutting things is going to be more important than it is in today’s very abundant world.
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Kabar Knife – Required Survival Equipment List Item

Black and Brown Kabar Knife with Brown Leather Scabard and Brown Cardboard Box from Home Survival Kit List
Kabar Knife from Home Survival Kit List
Must have a KaBar knife in my survival kit list.  Damn!  Once I help it in my hand, I understood exactly how the original GIs felt about their knives and why so many of them kept them and passed them down to their kids.  No doubt about it – this is a very useful and deadly tool.
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Small Bandages and Wraps for Accidents

Various White and Red Packages of White and Brown Bandages from List for Survival Kit
Bandages from List for Survival Kit
I doubt I’m going to be running a red cross tent or saving masses of wounded but a few bandages and support wraps might come in handy for those inevitable sprains and contusions.  Add to that, a little sun block for my fair skinned girls because I’m betting we’re going to be in a lot of sun shine rather than sitting in our comfortable house like we do now.  Needles!  All you have to do is read a little about the early explorers and you’ll quickly see why needles were one of the most popular items at the general store.  How much of what we have that allows us to move and work freely is attributable to the clothing we wear?  Ever smell a dead animal skin?  Now, imagine draping that over your shoulders and going out to cut wood.  Exactly!  More and more, as I build my survival kit list, I realize the true usefulness and value of the little things that are easy to take for granted.

Yet Another Backpack to Hold my Survival Kit

Black and Red Single Strap Backpack
Backpack for Mini Survival Kit List
I get gimme backpacks all the time.  I think it’s today’s version of the grain co-op gimme hat.  Nevertheless, when I get them, I throw them into my survival gear list because I imagine that when I need to go out and do something, I’m going to require some tools and food and travel a bit to go do it.  Nothing handier than a backpack to help me with that.  Additionally, my collection of backpacks is also helping me organize all of the items I’m collecting in my survival gear list. What else am I going to do with it?  Throw it away?  Not this one!

Hand Powered Chainsaw for Survival Gear

Black Nylon and Grey Metal Chain Saw with White Plastic Package and Green Scabard from Survival Kit List
Chain Saw from Survival Gear List
I saw a great review on the hand held chain saws for survival kit and realized how truly useful they are.  I bought two and this model actually uses a chain saw blade which offers me a lot more flexibility and capability than those little wire saws.  If it comes to it and we’re out of gas, these little jewels are going to be very handy!

Star Charts?

Black and Blue Star Chart
Star Chart in Home Survival Kit List
I have a fascination with the stars and love to look at them in wonder.  I found this little star chart (it glows in the dark too!) on my shelf as I was cleaning things out.  I can’t tell you how many survival equipment list items I’ve found simply by cleaning up my stuff.  I’m not sure that this is a critical survival kit list item but it doesn’t take up much space, it’s handy and I like it.

Summary of Survival Kit List and Item Update

Once again, my survival kit list saves me.  I’ve been very consistent in adding at least one item every month and my survival gear list keeps me focused and improving my survival equipment list.  I usually purchase an item from the list and I also find little items that I hadn’t thought of.  Are you building your survival kit list?