Recent Survival Kit List Additions – for FREE

It’s been a while since I last updated but my work behind the scenes to build a survival kit list hasn’t stopped.  I’ve been continuing my once monthly addition within my $25 monthly budget.  I’ve added some unique and interesting items to my survival gear list.

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White Elephant Items in My Survival Equipment List

Survival Gear Yellow Blizzard and Red All Weather Blankets
Survival Gear Blankets

I was at a Christmas White Elephant Party and someone brought a blizzard survival kit and all weather blanket.  How cool!  I quickly recognized that these items would be very useful for my survival equipment list.  Everybody laughed when I chased it around the table but little did they know – I actually have a use for those!







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Hygiene Items from My Survival Kit List

Six Assorted Health Items in Boxes on Blue Background
Health Items for my Survival Kit List

Hygiene and medical supplies are a big part of my survival kit list.  There seems to be more and more choices every day.  I just listed the basics and then bought them in small packages to stay within my budget.  I am somewhat concerned about the long term storage of these items and the potential for deterioration – they just aren’t made to last for a long time on the shelf.  I’m going to add an every-five-years check process to my survival kit building just to check for deterioration.





Survival Gear List Items – Kitchen Utensils

Eight Silver and Black Plastic Handled Knives with Accessories from Survival Kit List
Extra Kitchen Items from Survival Equipment List

My wife was cleaning out the basement and at some point in the past, we’d upgraded our kitchen and barbeque utensils or been given a set for some reason or another.  Nevertheless, those handy items made a great addition to my survival gear list – all for free!







Lights and Super Glue Items from My Survival Kit List

Christmas Gift Leftovers of Black Headlamp and Clear Super Glue for Earthquake Survival Kit
Christmas Gift Leftovers of Black Headlamp and Clear Super Glue for Earthquake Survival Kit

Christmas stocking stuffers are also a great source of survival kit items.  Santa must think he’s joking with me but I think I wound up ahead.  Who doesn’t have an occasional need for super glue?  And a personal headlamp?  Are you kidding?  I’ve got them in almost every hunting backpack I have but I would never have thought of one for my survival kit list.  Even better?  It runs on simple batteries!






Summary of Recent Free Survival Kit List Additions

With a regular rhythm of adding items to my survival kit list, it makes me more aware of “other” items that are found or free.  Keeping an eye out on a regular basis has really helped me stay within my budget over the last year to build my survival kit.

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