Stored Emergency Food Vs Freeze Dried Emergency Food

I decided that there were three routes I could take to store 2 weeks of food to build my survival kit.  These choices considered the pros and cons of several types of emergency food.

1 – I could buy dried food from the super markets. While this looked like the best idea, it was difficult to decide what food would create a good meal plan and not need to be replaced for several years.

2 – I could “train my wife” to start rotating our weekly food stocks so that we always had 2 weeks worth of food. This was actually the best idea but proved to be a non-starter with my wife.

3 – I could by freeze dried food packages. While a bit more expensive, this actually proved to be the easiest and longest lasting approach to build a survival kit.

Other Options for a Survival Kit

It also occurred to me that it would be smart to have an additional option available while building my survival kit.  I investigated pocket pro survival kits and found a wide array of choices that were quite easy to put together.  I recommend that you take a multi-pronged approach to building your survival kit so that you don’t get caught by surprise.