Wrist Rocket from Survival Kit List

Some Small Items Added from my Survival Gear List

I’m still running under an “austerity plan” so I’ve been focusing on gathering new survival gear items from the less expensive parts of my survival gear list.  My current budget is less than $25/month spent on survival gear and surprisingly, there are quite a few items that I can add to my survival kit and stay within my budget.  I’m still working on completing the list of high priority items in my survival gear list.  The high priority survival gear items are also sub divided into 5 “needs” categories – food, arms, health, shelter and clothing – also approximately in that order of priority but not exclusively.  While food is the highest priority among that survival gear list, it would not be good to be fully stocked on food and yet lack anything in my survival gear for arms, health or shelter.  We’d be well fed but terribly exposed to potential danger, accidents or weather.

Rope from Survival Kit List
Rope from Survival Kit

A very simple and possibly easily over looked item in a survival gear list is rope.  I listed rope in my survival kit list in the Arms category although it could easily be among the survival gear listed in the shelter category.  Either way, I wanted to make sure that it was listed as a high priority item in my survival gear list.  I purchased two kinds of rope that I thought would be most valuable.  Each type of rope is synthetic which will make it light, strong and easy to work with.  I also got two different sizes – a larger size and a smaller size.  Both of these items from my survival gear list totaled less than $25.

Wrist Rocket from Survival Kit List
Wrist Rocket from Survival Kit

Another important item in the Arms category of my survival kit list is a wrist rocket or slingshot.  This particular item was “free” but only because I got it with points from a credit card that I had converted into gift certificates for a popular sporting goods retailer where I buy a lot of my annual hunting supplies anyway.  Think about it – this could be a very easily but incredibly valuable survival gear list item!  Consider the hundreds of potential uses it has – after all – this was a hunting and defense weapon for thousands of years before firearms were ever invented.

Firesteel from Survival Gear List
Firesteel from Survival Kit

Lastly, another highly critical piece of survival kit gear from my survival gear list – a fire starter or firesteel.  I was a Boy Scout and remember how very very challenging it was to start fires “the old fashioned” way.  These little gizmos are absolutely marvelous and produce a shower of sparks very easily.

I will continue according to my survival list building plan and accumulate at least $25/month of items from my survival gear list.  My plan is to have a complete and robust survival kit but also have a sufficient amount of useful and valuable survival gear already accumulated in the event that some tragedy occurs.  Look at the recent events around the world and I think you’ll agree that a little bit of effort, a small and regular investment and a great survival gear list can go a long way to helping you be more confident.

Low Cost Emergency Survival Kits

Updated 7/12/11 – In hindsight, I think I would have added a priority item for a low cost emergency survival kit.  My goal is to develop a long term survival kit while also being prepared for whatever may happen during the process.