Selecting Freeze Dried Food for Your Emergency Survival Kit

I decided to take the slightly more expensive but infinitely easier route and buy freeze dried food for my emergency survival kit. There are a bewildering array of options out there and I had difficulty narrowing down my choices. I investigated a number of purchasing options and selected FoodInsurance as the basis for building my survival kit. They have a number options and I decided to start with the simplest option – just the food without all the extras.

Details of Freeze Dried Food for my Emergency Survival Kit
Each package represents a two week food supply for one adult or two children.
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Details of Emergency Survival Kit Food Selection

This is the details of the contents of the Food Insurance for my Emergency Survival Kit. It appears to be a good variety and a sufficient amount. The biggest challenge is actually testing it. Without taking the plunge and opening and possibly ruining the entire package, I’m left to wonder and hope that it will actually work OK when we need it. I dislike having something in my emergency survival kit that I haven’t tested – especially something as important as food!
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Summary of Emergency Survival Kit Food Selection

I think that every emergency survival kit needs some freeze dried food for the first time period when easy food preparation, possibly on the move, could be critical. There are almost too many choices out there and selection is difficult. Even more difficult is actually testing the product to see if it will meet your needs. Having untested products in an emergency survival kit could be dangerous.