Survival Kit Building – Just what do you need to make survival gear?

Survival kit building – which I didn’t realize when I started out – has A LOT of information (and misinformation) floating around online.

So much so that I was almost overwhelmed by all of the information available. There was everything from hard core weapons and armament accumulation to multi year food supply management and rotation.

I didn’t need or want quite that. I wanted to pursue some survival kit building that I could undertake over a year or two that would sustain me and my family for a couple weeks in the event some catastrophe happened.  I want to learn how to make survival gear and assemble a survival kit for my family.  It needs to be able to support a family of four, be relatively portable in a pickup in case we need to change locations, and provide almost everything we need to survive and thrive for up to three months.

So to start, I just started writing down every item that I could find that I might for survival kit building. Everything!

I wound up with a list of several hundred items and was quickly overwhelmed – I had no idea survival kit building would be SUCH a massive effort!