Hand Tools to Build Emergency Survival Kit

Recently I have really been enjoying my survival kit building project, not only because it keeps me busy but also because it provides me with an interesting challenge to keep me on my toes. I update my kit about once a month, with a budget of only $25 dollars to find a short list of items that I compose at the beginning of each month.


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Small Additions to My Emergency Survival Kit

Silver and Chrome Hand Tools in Rad Package to Build Emergency Survival Kit
Hand Tools to Build Survival Kit

While I’d love to be able to pack an entire toolbox full of tools into my emergency survival kit, the size and weight just aren’t practical. However, I did realize that tools would be essential if this survival kit were ever to become necessary, so I found this small, compact set of Husky pliers that will do the job and fit nicely into my ever growing survival kit.



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Summary of Hand Tools in My Emergency Survival Kit

My monthly process and budget of $25 to grow my emergency survival kit is working very well – and it’s fun.  This routine gives me the sense of contribution and doing the right thing for my family and I know that my efforts to build a survival kit are valuable and will help if/when SHTF.  It’s never too late to get started – make a survival kit list, set a budget and get working on your own emergency survival kit.

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