Condiments from my Survival Kit List

My survival kit list budget has taken a hit due to the dip in the economy.  I consider my survival kit list and emergency essentials a critical part of my family wealth and protection planning so I’m unwilling to just reduce the budget to $0. My original monthly budget for my survival kit building was $100. So, I’ve changed my monthly budget for adding items from my survival list to build my survival kit from approximately $100/month to just $25/month. There are a ton of smaller items on my list that I can easily acquire for a mere $25/month.


Survival Kit List Extras

Survival Kit List Condiments
Small Extra Additions to the Survival Kit List

I’ve invested quite a bit in emergency kit food of the best quality that I could find. That said, and I haven’t tried any of it yet, I imagine that it’s going to be pretty bland.

I like spicy food and I doubt that I’m going to enjoy the out-of-the-bag experience of the taste of my emergency preparedness food so I’m ticking another couple of items off of my survival list with a small collection of condiments.



Emergency Food Condiments

From my survival kit list, I’ve included the following favorite items

  • garlic powder
  • fajita seasoning (a mild mix of salt, pepper and spices)
  • season salt
  • sugar
  • black pepper
  • iodized salt
  • hot sauce
  • sugar and cinnamon mix

I’m not a big fan of sweetness but I have a wife and two daughters and keeping them (relatively) happy during a tough time with a little sweetness on the survival kit list might just make things a little easier for all of us.