Texas Sporting Clays

Practice for Bird Hunting

Bird hunting practice during the off season can be a critical part of ensuring an enjoyable bird hunt. With a little research, you can probably find a trap & skeet range within an hour’s drive of your house.  Most skeet and sporting clays ranges will offer a game known as Five Stand which can be […]

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Sporting Clays as Practice for Bird Hunting in Texas

Sporting clays is great practice for bird hunting during the off season. The game of sporting clays actually consists of several different games – regular sporting clays, five stand, compact sporting clays, FITASC. Not only does it provide a great practice opportunity, you an also compete with your friends at informal games or in registered […]

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Gunfitting from a 10 year-old for Duck Hunting in Texas

I love taking my children with me when I go duck hunting in Texas. My girls are still young and don’t shoot yet but the time spent in the field, one on one, is irreplaceable. I’m confident that one day, they will each want to shoot but until that time comes, I’ll continue taking them […]

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