Texas Dove Hunt

Texas Dove Hunting

The anxiously awaited opening day for Texas Dove Hunting Season has arrived.  It’s almost a right of passage here in Texas.  In fact, since they make Cinco de Mayo a school holiday, they should make Opening Day of Texas Dove Hunting Season a holiday as well – how else are we going to get our […]

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Texas Dove Bands

From Outdoor Wire: To a waterfowl hunter, a duck band is a treasured find. Affixed to a duck call lanyard, these rare small metal rings become testaments of the hunter’s skill or luck and reinforce the conservation success story they represent. Not all bird bands are viewed as prizes, however. In fact, the ones affixed […]

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Texas Dove Hunting Opening Weekend

Texas dove hunting kicked off this weekend! I visited the Big Honker Lodge in Knox City with some friends for the opening of the season. It was the first long trip for my hunting dog. Texas dove hunting was fair this opening weekend – mostly singles and doubles but very steady throughout the morning and […]

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