Texas Dove Hunt

Texas Dove Hunting Starts Again!

September 1st is almost a national holiday in Texas.  It always marks the beginning of Texas dove hunting and then follows with all of the other bird hunting seasons in Texas.  We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of winged friends in Texas.  We are especially lucky in Central Texas because the white […]

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Texas Dove Hunting and The Heat!

Texas dove hunting is almost a national sport in the state of Texas.  We start looking forward to it about mid July.  Yeah, it’s still hot out there but we don’t mind.  It’s always amazing to see how many people get out for opening day – especially the kids who can look forward to a […]

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Argentina Dove Hunt from the Balcony

In November 2011, I had the pleasure of an Argentina dove hunt with Ramiro Allende of Puelo Expeditions.  I’ve known Ramiro for quite a few years from his visits to the United States to attend hunting trade shows.  I like Ramiro and he’s been very persuasive in his attempts to get me to hunt with […]

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