Survival Kit List Additions for $25

Part of building a survival kit from a survival kit list is making regular additions in a planned manner.  I have budgeted $25/month to purchase and add survival kit items to my survival kit.  I’ve also budgeted one hour/month to researching and enhancing my survival kit list.  I would not be able to build or afford to purchase a full survival kit if I tried to do it all at a single time.  By breaking it up into a monthly purchase and monthly project, I’m able to quickly grow my survival kit and continue improving the survival kit list.

Health and Hygiene in my Survival Kit List

Miscellaneous Health and Hygeiene Related Items from Survival Kit List
Health Items from Survival Kit List

I did a quick scan of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and quickly came up with a list of health and hygiene items.  I think that these simple items, frequently left out of a survival kit, may make a huge difference in my family’s quality of life in the event that we need to use the items in the survival kit.  Which brings up another point.  While I’m not able to plan on every contingency, I do have a good idea of the types of situations that might occur in the area where I live and build a survival kit for those situations.  We don’t live near a fault line so the likelihood of an earth quake is remote.  We do live near the Gulf Coast and the likelihood of a hurricane is high.





Inexpensive Plastic Items in my Survival Kit List

Plastic Sheets and Resealable Bags from Survival Kit List
Plastic Items from Survival Kit List

I came across the notion of plastic items from my old Boy Scout days.  When I was in Boy Scouts, I learned to build a solar still to collect water.  I’m not sure why I remembered that but nevertheless, it did bring to mind that plastic items would be valuable.  I purchased two types of plastic sheeting.  These can be used as protective ground cover or overhead cover to protect us from rain and moisture.  The zip lock bags happened to be near the plastic sheeting at the store and I was reminded of how much we use them in our daily lives – primarily to protect and preserve food items.  If a survival situation does occur, then protecting and preserving food will be very important.





Summary of a Survival Kit List

I’m well into my second year of building my survival kit from my survival kit list.  The project started out with a bang and then settled into a little monotony.  I’m not updating my survival kit list each month as well as adding new items to my survival kit.  The long view is that it is probably never done – and that’s OK.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Additionally, it becomes sort of a “pantry” of extra items that we can use in a pinch if needed – we’ll just need to remember to replace them.  I’m please with the progress of my survival kit list and the items I’m collecting.  After all, $25 and one hour per month is a pretty inexpensive insurance policy for me and my family.



Create Your Own Survival Kit List

I’ve been on this project for almost 2 years now and I’ve developed some pretty strong opinions about survival kits, emergency food, emergency survival and, most important, your survival kit list.  I live near Bastrop Texas where we recently had a huge wildfire.  We weren’t harmed but do live just a few miles North of one of the wildfires.  Our house wasn’t in danger as we were upwind but we did host an evacuated family.  During the week of the wildfire, I had plenty of time and inspiration to consider and discuss my survival kit and survival kit list.  I’ve also begun to notice the people in the stores who are reviewing and purchasing survival kits – OK, I spend too much time at Academy!  My biggest concern and strongest opinion is that you should create your own survival kit list.

Creating a Survival Kit List is Hard!

Emergency Essentials Include Toiletries
Build a Survival Kit but Be Sure to Include Toiletries

Yeah, I hear you.  Starting with a blank sheet of paper for any project can be daunting.  That said, it doesn’t have to be hard.  I’ve shared my list here on this website and a few Google searches will quickly point you to a whole lot more examples of a survival kit list that other people have built.  Here is what I think is most important – build your own survival kit list!  Use what other people have created and then customize it to your family’s needs.  For example, I’m the only male in my immediate family – the rest are females.  You can bet that my survival kit list contains feminine hygiene products!




Why Should I Create My Own Survival Kit List?

Survival Kit ListI consider my survival kit and my survival kit list to be just as valuable as my life insurance and balancing my checking account.  When I buy life insurance, I do my research, learn as much as I can about my options, ask for recommendations and then consult a professional, BUT, I make my own decision about what is right for me and my fmialy.  Likewise, I balance my check book.  I am just unwilling to rely on the intelligence of some unknown person to make the decision about what I or my family might need in the event of an emergency. I’ve come to view my survival kit and survival kit list as a form of insurance – more like life insurance than property insurance.  I’ve learned that life insurance makes me feel good when I write the check for the premium.  After all,  I’m not going to be around when it comes time for it to pay out.  While I do expect to be around to use and benefit from my survival kit, I draw the most of my satisfaction from knowing I’m doing the right thing for my family.


What Needs to be in My Survival Kit List?

Survival Kit ListThat’s a big “That Depends.”  You have to balance what you think you need with what you can easily access and transport.  Too much and you’ll get bogged down.  Not enough and you’ll find yourself wanting.  I found benefit in categorizing my family’s different needs against time frames and came up with a categorized survival kit list that is valuable immediately and grows in value over time.  Your needs might be different – they probably will be.  Your survival kit list may look like mine and it may not – learn from what I’ve done and what others do bu do your own thinking.



OK, So I Have the Survival Kit List – Now What?

Survival Kit ListYou can easily sink a ton of money into commercial survival kits.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at your nearby sporting goods store.  Even after dropping an easy $50, you’ll only walk out with a little bitty bag of ointments and bandages.  That’s a first aid kit, not a survival kit.  Once you’ve gotten started with your survival kit list, start accumulating survival gear – including emergency food.  I budget $25/month to add an item to my survival kit – I just reference the survival kit list and make a trip to the store to get what is next on the list.  I’ve been doing it for almost two years now and it is building slowly.  That said, I’m confident that we could have taken the supplies we have in our survival kit and been just fine if we had to evacuate the recent Bastrop Wildfire for as long as a couple of weeks.  Build your survival kit list.  Write a plan to begin accumulating survival supplies.  Do something every month.  Update your survival kit list and plan every three months.  That’s it – only takes $25 and about an hour every month.

Summary of Create Your Own Survival Kit List

Don’t underestimate your need for a survival kit and a good survival kit list – the recent wildfires in Bastrop were a very good reminder for me and my family.  Begin today – research what others have done to create their survival kit list and use that as a start – but customize it for your family.  Think carefully and talk with your family about what they think you might need – involve the entire family.  Then, create a small budget and a plan and get to work.  Start today!  Use your survival kit list to build a plan and start accumulating what you need.





Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear

Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear
Example of Equipment for Emergency Survival Gear




Surplus tactical emergency survival gear can form an important and inexpensive part of any short term or long term survival kit.  There are a ton of options available for finding and acquiring surplus tactical gear.  I remember when I was a kid, that the “army surplus” places were pretty seedy and dirty – not anymore!  In fact, most of the “surplus” gear I seem to find seems to be very new.

Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear Choices

There seem to be basically three choices for finding and acquiring surplus tactical emergency survival gear.

  • Local army surplus stores
  • Online stores
  • Flea markets and gun shows

I’m sure there are other places, including your Dad’s attic if you look hard enough but those three seem to be the most basic choices for finding surplus tactical emergency survival gear.

Local Army Surplus Stores

Local army surplus stores used to be “the cool place” to go when I was a kid.  They had this vast assortment of old, dirty, used equipment and you could just imagine the amazing stories that each piece of equipment could tell.  There were also items that seemed to defy explanation – straps and brackets and containers, obviously of very specific use and importance – just completely unrecognizable outside of their intended place and use.  Then, there was the cranky old guy running the place.  He always seemed to sit in the corner by his little cash register chain smoking cigarettes and scowling at the kids in there with their Dads – I don’t ever remember going to the army surplus store with my Mom.  The proprietor was frightening that it was just easier to imagine what a strange piece of equipment could do rather than risk his ire by asking him a question.  Nowadays, I’m not sure those stores even exist anymore.  I looked and did find one but it seemed to be limited to mostly very large items that would require a trailer to transport.

Online Stores for Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear

The internet and e-commerce has changed so many little corners of our universe – literally not only flattened the world, but even flattened out notions of shopping and purchasing.  The challenge with online stores for surplus tactical emergency survival gear is the huge array of choices.  I’m sure this serves the stores quite well as most visitors to an online store are pretty susceptible to impulse purchases – I know I am!  The other challenge is correlating your common name for the item you’re seeking with the official name that the store may be using for that item.  Sure, things like MRE and pistol holster are pretty common but when you get into the realm of ammo canisters and backpacks, it’s easy to get lost very quickly.  Lastly, the other challenge with online shopping for surplus tactical emergency survival gear is the ability to put your hands on the actual item before making the purchase.  Stores like Amazon have made it very easy with free shipping and easy returns – not so much with online stores for surplus tactical emergency survival gear.  You’ve spent time hand crafting your survival kit list and have a good idea of what you need – still, figuring out and finding the exact right item is not only important, it’s fun.

Gun Shows to Find Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear

My preference is to shop for surplus tactical emergency survival gear at my local gun shows.  You can find a gun show in almost every mid-sized city simply by searching the internet.  The admission is usually $5 and well worth it.  I’ve been going to gun shows since I was a little kid and they still smell and feel the same.  Don’t be fooled by the name – gun show.  The variety of items available for sale at a gun show is almost mind boggling.  They will have everything from guns (of course) to jewelry (for the ladies that come to the show).  In between the guns and the jewelry, you’ll find a couple of table where vendors are selling new and used surplus tactical emergency survival gear.  It will be on the table and you can pick it up to see if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.  If it isn’t, then you can talk to the reasonably friendly person behind the table and they are usually very very helpful.  They will probably have a trailer in the parking lot that is still partially filled with items that they just didn’t have room for on the table – just ask.  If they don’t have it – they will either have it back home and can ship it to you or will know some place where you can find it.  Prices for surplus tactical emergency survival gear at a gun show are reasonable.  They won’t be as cheap as online or the army surplus store, but the will almost always be cleaner and definitely more convenient.

Surplus Tactical Emergency Survival Gear Summary

Acquiring surplus tactical emergency survival gear for your survival kit is important.  There are just going to be some items that you’ll need that aren’t readily available anywhere else.  After all,  most surplus tactical emergency survival gear is built with survival in mind, right?  Your basic choices for finding this survival gear are army surplus stores, online stores and gun shows.  Each option has pluses and minuses but I think you can find the best quality, selection and convenience for surplus tactical emergency survival gear at a gun show.