Survival Kits

Regular Updates to Your Survival Kit List

I’ve come to understand and believe that regular and consistent updates to both your survival kit list and survival kit contents is critical to long term success.  I budget a small amount of time and money each month to research and update my survival kit list with new survival kit ideas and to purchase new […]

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Ordinary Survival Gear from Your Survival Kit List

Building a survival kit and maintaining your survival kit list doesn’t need to be hard – just steady and persistent.  In my plan for building a survival kit from a survival kit list, I update my survival kit list each quarter based on research and take a concerted action each month to add something from […]

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Ammunition and Tarps from my Survival Kit List

I’m not overly concerned about needing deadly force protection in my survival kit but do acknowledge that it certainly has a place in my survival kit list.  All you have to do is watch the recent Black Friday mob behavior over cheap hand towels and video games to get a sense of how people might […]

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