Survival Kits

Hurricane and Earthquake Survival Kit Building

  Hurricane season is here and if there was an earthquake season, it would probably be here as well – time to put some detailed focus into building and improving my hurricane and earthquake survival kit.  Where I live, we don’t have any earthquakes but we do have regular hurricanes.  I think the personal impact […]

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Seeds in an Emergency Survival Kit

I have read and heard a ton about survival seeds and making sure that you have seeds for growing food in your emergency survival kit. This is important I think because freeze dried food in your emergency survival kit only goes so far. I held off for a while because my initial research told me […]

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Three Important but Easily Forgotten Survival Kit List Items

I’ve come to learn that building a survival kit list can be fun if I do it on a regular basis and don’t try to do too much at once.  My schedule consists of a monthly addition within my budget and then a quarterly update of my survival equipment list.  I turn the monthly addition […]

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