Survival Kit List

Hand Tools to Build Emergency Survival Kit

Recently I have really been enjoying my survival kit building project, not only because it keeps me busy but also because it provides me with an interesting challenge to keep me on my toes. I update my kit about once a month, with a budget of only $25 dollars to find a short list of […]

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Organizing My Survival Kit List and Gear

I’ve been at this process of building a survival kit list for almost two years now and have become a little bit disorganized. I add to my survival gear list items each month and it is way too easy just to put the new item on a shelf in the basement without organizing it. That […]

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Tools and Vegetables for an Earthquake Survival Kit or Hurricane Survival Kit

I’ve been working on my survival kit list for both an earthquake survival kit and hurricane survival kit for almost two years now. My strategy has been to create and then update a survival kit list from my ongoing research, adding an item from my survival kit list to my survival kit each month. It’s […]

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