Raising Quail

Hunting pen raised quail

Wild Quail vs. Pen Raised Quail Sometimes you may find that pen raised quail is your only option.  There aren’t very many wild quail in Central Texas. Modern farming methods of fence to fence cultivation have all but eliminated the brushy, weedy fence rows that wild quail need. Additionally, most pastures have been planted with grass […]

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Steady to wing & shot + force fetch to hunt Wild Quail

In the Summer of 2009, I was referred to Harlen Winters to get Jill trained to hunt wild quail. I was surprised to hear that he thought he could not only get her steady to wing and shot but also teach her to retrieve. It’s very important to me to have a well behaved and […]

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Training the new dog to Hunt Quail?

I enjoy hunting quail and a dog is absolutely required to do that – you’re just not going to find many birds without the help of a nose that is designed to find them.  The Bobwhite Quail Decline is making finding and hunting bobwhite quail that much more challenging every year.  All great quail hunting […]

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