Raised Garden Beds

Funny Stuff in the Raised Garden Bed

I experimented this summer with heritage plants in my raised garden bed using the square foot method.  My results were quite interesting.  Most of the heritage plants sprouted and produced fruits – strange looking fruits, but fruits nonetheless.  In general, the heritage fruits were smaller, strangely shaped and less tasty than food grown from hybrid […]

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Raised Garden Bed Summer Version 1

It’s been a bountiful summer with my raised garden bed and square foot gardening technique.  I converted an old raised bed garden into the square foot gardening method by cleaning the weeds and replacing the soil mixture.  I also installed drip irrigation from my rain water collection system.  I also used survival kit seeds with […]

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Raised Garden Beds and Square Foot Gardening

I’m moving from my deck container garden to a raised garden beds using the square foot gardening technique. I’ve had raised bed gardens in the past but used garden soil from a local organic gardener. I haven’t used these raised bed gardens in almost 5 years so I’m going to replace the top six inches […]

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