Rainwater Collection

Rain Water Collection for a Rain Drip Irrigation System

Spring has arrived in Texas and I’m excited to try a new adventure using my rain water collection system to power a rain drip irrigation system with a new planting and management approach from Square Foot Gardening.  My past two years of experiments with a deck container garden and a rain drip irrigation garden have […]

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Finishing the Install of a Rain Water Collection System for Drip Irrigation System

I’ve finished installing my rain water collection system that I will use to power my drip irrigation system for my container vegetable garden.  We actually accomplished all of the work in about a half a day and it was fairly easy.  We levelled the tank, finished installing the collection and filter pipes and then installed […]

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Initial Installation for Harvesting Rainwater

I’ve tried for 2 years to be successful with a deck garden and it’s just too hot on my deck so I’m moving my focus to harvesting rainwater for drip irrigation on my deck garden.  I’m going to move my deck contatiner garden off of my deck where the Summer temperaturs remain in the 90’s […]

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