Rainwater Collection

Rainwater Collection Addition for Fruit Tree Orchard

I’ve long had a dream of a small fruit tree orchard where I could grow things and learn more about them.  I used to have two concerns that stopped me.  One concern was watering those fruit trees.  They aren’t like a garden – well, they are, but MUCH bigger and year round so they will […]

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Rainwater Collection and a New Raised Bed Garden

Last year’s raised bed garden that I feed from my rain water collection system ended the season nicely. I experimented with “survival” seeds while they performed adequately, I DO think we’re in trouble if we have to feed ourselves from non-hybrid heritage seeds. It was very evident how plant hybridization and breeding have been influenced […]

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Rainwater Collection Powering Drip Irrigation in a Square Foot Garden

My rainwater collection system to power the drip irrigation on my square foot garden is working very well.  I have a 1000 gallon tank for rain water harvesting that sits approximately 20 feet higher uphill in elevation than my garden and the hose bib pressure is more than adequate to drive an inexpensive drip irrigation […]

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