Simple Emergency Preparedness for Comfort

It’s easy to overlook the little things that provide comfort when building a survival kit. As part of my Stage One Survival Kit Plan, I included a number of food items that provide basic comfort.


My wife likes decaf tea, my daughters like tea with milk and I’m a bear without my coffee. These single serving items will go well in our survival kit. You might even go so far as to categorize them as emergency essentials!

It’s important to remember sometimes that when we prepare in a practical way, such as building a survival kit in case of an emergency, we may forget about the little things.  And that’s okay, but don’t take it too far – you’re going to want (and need!) some comfort just as much as anything else in the case of emergency survival.



Sterno in your Survival Kit

There are a couple schools of thought on the appropriateness of Sterno or canned heat in a survival kit.


One school of thought is that it is dangerously volatile and should not be included in your survival gear.

Another school of thought is that, as a heat source, it absolutely belongs on your emergency preparedness list.